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Interlope er en sandkasse for nye, spennende forretningsideer. Siste tilskudd på stammen er Interlope Consulting. Interlope Consulting AS påtar seg rådgivnings- og konsulentoppdrag. Her er det samlet et lite kjerneteam med lang erfaring og spesialkompetanse.

Trygghet for kunden:

  • Mer enn 30 års erfaring i ledelse og prosjektledelse med bl.a. ledelse av store prosjekter.
  • Spesialkompetanse innenfor systemarkitektur
Kontakt Interlope Consulting eller Ingar Grønstad direkte: 90012307.


Interlope Consulting, a company focusing on 

  • Systems Architecture. Specialities: Architecture, java and open source tools and techologies.
  • Project Management. Specialities: Business critical projects.

Our extensive knowledge and skills are based on our experience from small, agile projects to large scale projects in both public and privat sector in all Nordic countries.


Project Management

Interlope Consulting has a total of more than three decades of management experience; within project management, consultancy management, IT-management, account managemet, program management, service delivery management, application management, bid management and general management including roles as managing director, project director and senior project manager.


Long experience in project management where focus has been firmly on results. Including everything from small, quick projects to very large-scale projects in all the Nordic countries where we have demonstrated the ability to effectuate with good results. The projects have covered everything from implementation of organizational change and systems development to transitions of technical infrastructure and roll-out of new business critical solutions - especially large-scale IT projects.


The expertise covers a wide range of working methods and techniques, and good business understanding.


 Key areas of expertise 

  • Long management experience through various roles and various projects
  • Leadership of major projects in business critical areas
  • Service delivery management
  • Supplier management and contract administration
  • Planning and coordination of distributed teams and organizations
  • Managing implementation processes and organizational development
  • Business analysis and business process modelling
  • Component-based systems development aka service-oriented architecture
  • Project management and systems development methodology
  • Risk management, quality assessment and test management
  • Implementation and roll-out of large scale technical solutions and applications
  • Sale of consultancy services and projects
  • International working experience from several European countries (with English as working language)


Systems Architecture

Our system architecture wizard can solve a Gordian knot with a wiz with his wand. He has been working with various types of clients, from finance, Oil&Gas, telecom and government, and has a reputation of delivering precisely, quality & timely.

Experience from both traditional and agile methods as developer, architect and project manager. 

 Key areas of expertise 

  • Systems architecture
  • Security and authentication
  • Java
  • Mobile (Android)
  • and capable in many open source tools and technologies.